In early 2005, Nathan Associates did extensive field work to design a long-term project for developing tourism in the three northern provinces of Mozambique (Cabo Delgado, Nampula, and Niassa). These provinces have abundant natural and cultural resources that can attract aficionados of diving, bird watching, game fishing, whale watching, hunting, rock climbing, culture, and adventure trails.

What is more, conservation activities to be implemented during the project and ongoing underwater archaeology around the Ilha de Mozambique hold great appeal for the scientific, academic, volunteer, and educational (SAVE) segment of the international tourism market.

To help Cabo Delgado, Nampula, and Niassa provinces capitalize on the attractiveness of their natural and cultural resources to increase tourist arrivals and spending, Nathan led the Northern Mozambique Tourism project.

  • Formulated an integrated marketing strategy for Northern Mozambique and promoted the region as a tourist destination in Southern Africa;
  • Prepared a destination management plan for the Pemba, Quirimbas, and Ibo Island triangle in Cabo Delgado province;
  • Mapped routes with National Geographic (GeoMapping) and with local communities participating in the planning;
  • Identified policy constraints on tourism and promoted policy and regulatory reform to improve the environment for growth in the tourism industry encouraging investment, facilitating growth in tourism businesses, and improving infrastructure;
  • Promoted sustainable management and preservation of cultural, historical, and natural resources;
  • Built the capacity of stakeholders in the tourism industry; and
  • Established the Lake Niassa Reserve through a grant to WWF.

Through these activities, the project helped attract investment, create jobs, and build the capacity of local companies to serve a growing tourism industry by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of tourism services and products in Northern Mozambique and promoted the preservation of the environment and the cultural and historical resources of Northern Mozambique.

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