As part of a USAID project, Nathan Associates determined how the price, time, and reliability of logistics system of the Maputo Corridor affected importers and exporters. We determined corridor status and identified limitations and constraints in infrastructure, regulations, and institutional arrangements.

We divided the corridor into nodes such as cargo origin points, inland container depots, border crossings at Komatipoort and Ressano Garcia, and the port. Nodes were interconnected with links showing each mode of transport, including road and rail. Our team gathered data and detailed information on price, time, and reliability from corridor stakeholders and users, then calculated a score for each segment of the corridor and a total score for the system. Scores were then compared to benchmarks and norms for developing countries.

We then recommended action plans for improving logistics performance.

Throughout this process, our team was in constant contact with corridor stakeholders and representative users through such organizations as the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative and the Mpumalanga Freight Logistics Forum.

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