The free trade agreement between Morocco and the United States could boost exports from Morocco and stimulate foreign direct investment but only if Moroccan businesses are able to take advantage of new opportunities arising from the agreement.

To build a reputation for distinctive, high-quality products and services, businesses will need to develop their market intelligence, awareness of U.S. regulations and formal and informal U.S. business relationships, production scale and capability, and financing resources.

Under USAID-funded New Business Opportunities (NBO) program, Nathan helped small and medium-sized Moroccan exporting enterprises develop the capacity to gain access to the U.S. market and take advantage of the US-Morocco FTA.

Nathan provided market entry and business development services in textiles and apparel, leather and footwear, and processed foods sectors in which Morocco has comparative and competitive advantages selling to U.S. buyers.

Services provided included market research and penetration strategy; one-on-one technical assistance in targeting buyers, product merchandising and positioning, trade show participation guidance, market intelligence; training in U.S. regulations, buyer social compliance, doing business with U.S. buyers, fashion trend analysis and forecast; sample and tech pack response, and industry-specific business English.

Through NBO, Nathan also worked with trade associations and the Moroccan Export Promotion Agency. Services included development of sector promotion strategies and market intelligence, trade show support, and sector marketing and promotion in the U.S. market.

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