• December 30, 2009

Working with the Morocco’s textile and apparel trade association (AMITH) and export promotion agency (CMPE), Nathan’s New Business Opportunities (NBO) project is helping Moroccan companies take advantage of export opportunities arising from the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement.

On February 13-16, representatives of Moroccan textile and apparel companies attended the semi-annual MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas. The biggest apparel sourcing and fabric trade show in the United States, MAGIC attracts thousands of retailers, designers, and manufacturers. In preparation for the show, NBO coached company representatives on which samples to display, how to discuss the advantages of sourcing in Morocco, and how to design marketing materials.

The Moroccan pavilion itself was a crowd pleasing attraction. Designed by the NBO project to replicate a Casablanca boulevard, the pavilion showcased the fashions of eleven apparel makers and won Best in Show among 4,000 exhibitors at the MAGIC trade show.
Several Moroccan companies left MAGIC with orders, test orders, and contacts for future business.

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