Ghana has experienced robust growth thanks to increased oil and gas production, private sector investment, and political stability. Northern Ghana, however, has remained underdeveloped, despite the rapid growth of the country’s economy and there is an increasing need to integrate the North with markets in the South, especially in agricultural commodities.

Nathan, in collaboration with DAI, is supporting DFID to create pathways out of poverty for the poor in Northern Ghana by improving agricultural productivity.

The programme Market Development (MADE) in Northern Ghana uses the M4P framework to promote growth and reduce poverty in 60 districts covered by the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA).

MADE is a £14.3 million programme that identifies constraints preventing markets from functioning efficiently and including the poor.

Using a combination of technical assistance, grants, and business management support, the programme aims to generate change within the market by developing business models that work and by scaling them up for impact.

Nathan is providing support to a team in Tamale, Northern Ghana to implement the programme. MADE has designed interventions in six markets: rice, onions, other vegetables, groundnuts, chillies, and livestock. The programme improves supply chains for various markets by working closely with input suppliers, processors, finance providers and end-buyers/ retailers. Throughout the programme, MADE continues to work with businesses to find other innovative practices that improve access to markets for the poor.

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