• December 16, 2009

Date: 2001-2005

Nathan Associates led simulated trade negotiations for 35 Mandela Economic Scholars as part of a workshop held May 2-5, 2001, in Arlington, Virginia. The simulated negotiations were led by Lance Graef, Vice President of Nathan Associates’ International Trade Policy Group (photo), and C. Michael Hathaway. Both are former U.S. trade negotiators and consultants for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) free trade area negotiations under a USAID contract for Mozambique.

The Mandela scholars divided into seven delegations and engaged in lively mock negotiations on half a dozen difficult issues now facing SADC negotiators. Francis Moloi, a Mandela scholar in the Harvard Law School masters program, served as Chairman of the Plenary Meetings of the “SADC delegations.” Brian Mtonya, a visiting Humphrey scholar and Malawi trade official who participated in SADC negotiations for Malawi, led the “Malawi” delegation.

According to Graef and Hathaway, the Mandela scholars exceeded very high expectations. Their quick study of the issues and their enthusiasm and persistence as negotiators led to the “resolution” of some issues that persistently stymie negotiations. As USAID’s prime contractor for the Mandela Economic Scholars Program, Nathan Associates has hosted a number of Mandela Economic Scholars. The firm is also advising South Africa and other African countries on a range of economic matters.

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