• January 13, 2010

Nathan Associates is pleased to announce that Lakhbir Singh has been elected president and chief operating officer, effective September 15, 2008. As president and COO, Dr. Singh will bring his laser-like focus on client service and technical quality to the daily operations of international and U.S.-based consultancies.

Colleagues call Lakhbir the “guardian of quality,” a moniker he earned 32 years ago when he joined Nathan as a research assistant and impressed clients with his thorough analysis and accurate numbers. Lakhbir’s devotion to service and quality propelled him through the ranks from research assistant to executive vice president and solidified the firm’s reputation in the United States and abroad. A native of India, Lakhbir earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from Delhi University. He holds a master’s and PhD in economics from Howard University, where he has taught courses in statistics, economics, and econometrics.

In addition to being a skilled economist, Lakhbir is a seasoned leader with a keen awareness of the strategic challenges Nathan faces as it continues to expand, opening additional offices in the United States and in India in 2007. With the guidance of a new board of directors elected on August 7, he is confident that he can keep the firm on a path of profitable growth balanced with quality. CEO John Beyer shares his confidence, “Lakhbir’s broad experience, commitment to quality, and three decades at Nathan have prepared him to chart a course for the firm’s long-term growth.”

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