• May 28, 2014

May\r\n29, 2014?A pair of Kosovar Albanians visiting Washington, D.C., as part of a\r\nUSAID-supported program rode in a motorcycle parade, heard oratory from elected\r\nofficials, and listened to pipers playing ?Taps? during a Memorial Day weekend outing.\r\nLori Brock, a principal at Nathan Associates, not only organized the outing?she\r\ndrove her Harley-Davidson, complete with sidecar.


The\r\nvisitors, Vjosa Beqaj and Yilka Bina, participate in USAID?s Women in\r\nGovernance and Economy Program, which develops the professional and leadership potential\r\nof women in Kosovo. Ms. Beqaj and Ms. Bina received 12-week fellowships to\r\nvisit the United States through the Hope Fellowship Program, implemented since\r\n2001 by the National Albanian American Council with USAID support. As part of\r\nthe fellowship experience, the women interact with U.S. professionals. Ms.\r\nBrock, a Nathan specialist in business development, trained the two Hope\r\nFellows in grant writing and provided other assistance as well.


Going\r\nabove and beyond the program?s requirements, Ms. Brock arranged for Ms. Beqaj\r\nand Ms. Bina to join her as passengers in the ?Ride for Freedom,? the annual\r\nmotorcycle parade organized by the advocacy group ?Rolling Thunder.?


Ms.\r\nBrock has friends the world over because of her extraordinary hospitality to\r\nfellows, scholars, and other visitors for Nathan-related activities.

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