The Kingdom of Jordan had an ambitious agenda for accelerating economic growth, promoting social inclusion, and stimulating social and political development. The agenda entailed helping Jordanian Customs modernize operations, meet international commitments, and facilitate trade while ensuring that the private sector fully supports modernization.

On behalf of USAID, DAI/Nathan helped customs implement single window procedures; expand the country’s authorized economic operation program, the Golden List; strengthen risk management procedures; and improve application of these procedures in government agencies.

The project also promoted increased use of prearrival processing and advance rulings. Focusing on supply chain security in its final year, the project assisted customs in installing electronic security gate systems, achieving full compliance with international obligations, and improving client service.

The project is expected to improve government effectiveness and the business environment and, ultimately, create the conditions necessary to attract investment, create jobs, spur growth, and improve the Jordanian standard of living.

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