Funded by UNIDO, the purpose of the Investment Map project is to profile investment opportunities in Iraq?s non-oil sector at the national and governorate levels. Nathan London worked with Iraqi counterparts, research institutions, private sector companies, and other international donors to profile opportunities for domestic and foreign businesses by analyzing economic and investment trends in Iraq. We

  • Mapped 20 non-oil industries that had potential to attract private investment and analyzed their key areas of competitiveness to be featured in investment promotion activities.
  • Trained the National Investment Commission on how to upload the profiles to the website.
  • Provided guidance on how to use and update the content of the Investment Map.
  • Helped formulate a national investment strategy.
  • Analyzed the socioeconomic characteristics of five governorates to identify local investment opportunities.

Nathan London produced an economic analysis of needs and opportunities for productive investments in Iraq and 20 sector, 20 project, and 5 provincial profiles. These profiles are being used by Iraq?s National Investment Commission to promote and attract investment into Iraq. The work undertaken has also led to a follow up UNIDO project to strengthen the capacity of Iraq?s National Investment Commission to promote investment.

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