Nathan’s experts have performed many IP valuation projects across a range of asset types and technologies. Representative confidential valuation engagements have included:

  • We developed a future licensing revenue model for a portfolio of cellular Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) for a publicly-traded licensing entity. Our work was used by the company and its auditors in support of the company’s revenue forecast as well as in the valuation of its preferred stock.
  • We provided a preliminary damages model and future royalty forecast estimate to a holder of flash memory patents engaged in litigation with a smartphone manufacturer.
  • We valued an internally developed suite of store management software for a large restaurant chain seeking to spin-out the software to an unrelated company. Our work facilitated the completion of the transaction.
  • We advised a law firm on the potential licensing value of a portfolio of NAND flash memory patents.
  • We advised an acquirer on the value of the brands and URLs of an online consumer good company.
  • We advised a chemical company on the value of its portfolio of industrial cleaning technology patents in support of its planned licensing strategy.
  • In the Polaroid bankruptcy case, we advised the creditors on the value of the debtor’s brands, resulting in a delayed 363 auction and the doubling of the eventual transaction price.
  • We valued a portfolio of software patents being transferred as part of a large spin-out planned by the client.
  • We were retained by a potential investor/acquirer of the patents and the business of a startup company and products under development for solid state fuel cells. We valued the assets and assisted our client in due diligence, advising them additionally on a shareholder dispute litigation with prior investors.  We advised the client on the retention of transaction and IP counsel who were hired upon our recommendation to complete the transaction.
  • We valued intellectual property related to satellite communication systems used in theatre by the military and advised the client in a licensing dispute with a government agency. Ultimately, the government licensed the technology at the valuation we developed.
  • We valued a portfolio of DRAM patents for a Japanese client by developing an industry-wide licensing model.
  • We advised a client on the value of a divested patent portfolio related to numerous cellular telecommunications technologies.
  • We valued a portfolio of patents claiming various cloning technologies used in drug development.
  • We developed a future licensing model and valuation for a portfolio of OLED display patents.
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