• April 10, 2014
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A scientific, expedient, and cost- effective system for assessing customer demand, needs, and risk.

The Microfinance Decision Support System applies sound economics, empirical research, and statistical techniques to guide MFIs’ strategic decisions.

The system consists of a custom-built assessment methodology and user friendly software interface that estimates potential demand for a financial institution’s products and services, as well potential risks associated with providing those products and services to individual customers.

What are the current features of the system?

  • Provision of empirical basis for geographic expansion decisions
  • Identification of socioeconomic attributes that drive the need for products and services
  • Efficient matching of potential customers to products and services
  • Quantification of potential customers’ credit risk, reducing reliance on “intuition” in assessing risk

What does the Microfinance Decision Support System do?

It helps MFIs make better decisions about strategy, simplify business processes, and expand in a cost-effective manner. The system helps institutions locate regional customer demand by identifying the most promising geographic areas for expansion of operations; discerning the needs of customers quickly and efficiently and matching them to the institution’s products and services; and assessing the risks entailed by extending those products and services to new customers.

Who can benefit from the Microfinance Decision Support System?

Our system is a good resource for microfinance institutions, banks with priority needs-sector lending obligations, insurance companies, and other financial institutions that need to formulate strategies and establish priorities for improving performance and market penetration.

How does the Microfinance Decision Support System process work?

We work with you to customize the system to fit your needs. We combine institutional data and other available data with advanced quantitative methodologies to derive a series of sophisticated models that serve as foundations for the tailored decision support system tools. Finally, we develop user-friendly interfaces are that minimize training requirements for your staff.

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