• January 1, 1953
  • Report

In August 1951, the American engineering firm Knappen Tippets Abbett teamed with Robert R. Nathan Associates to produce an economic and engineering development program for the government of the Union of Burma. The program, finalized in 1953, was one of the first adopted by a developing country in the postwar period of decolonization and a model for other countries to follow.

In the interests of sharing our history broadly, we are making available here the entire, two-volume Economic and Engineering Development of Burma, 1953, in a searchable PDF. The report runs to one thousand pages, and so we have broken it down into two files, one with each volume.

We are also sharing the 1954 Pyidawtha, The New Burma, “A Report from the Government to the People of the Union of Burma on our Long-Term Programme for Economic and Social Development.”

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