• December 16, 2009

Nathan’s Egyptian ICT Entrepreneurship Program held its first capacity-building session July 22-24, 2006, in Egypt. Dr. Andrew Gershoff, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan, instructed 23 faculty members of local organizations in training methodology and advanced training techniques.

The next session, scheduled for September 2006, will cover successful entrepreneurship, new venture formation, startup globalization strategies, and leadership. Another five courses will cover pricing and marketing, financing, ICT industry technology management and strategy formulation, project management, as well as a case study.

The goal is to enable six Egyptian institutions to provide graduate and executive training in ICT business skills: 

  • American University in Cairo, Institute of Management, Development and Institute of Banking and Finance
  • Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Services
  • Regional IT Institute
  • Information Technology Institute
  • Knowledge Academy
  • Egyptian Banking Institute

These organizations will then offer courses to analysts, consultants and firms identified and supported by EIEP through a training subsidy. And when EIEP ends, these organizations will be able to offer courses as part of their own programs.

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