• January 8, 2018

Gnarus Advisors LLC, which offers analytic and expert services to clients facing complex challenges arising from uncertainty, potential litigation, or disputes, has been retained by the court-appointed Future Claimants’ Representative in the Takata bankruptcy (In re: TK Holdings Inc., et al., Chapter 11 Case No. 17-11375) as claims evaluation consultants.

TK Holdings Inc., a subsidiary of Takata Corporation, and eleven (11) of its subsidiaries and affiliates filed for Chapter 11 in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in June as a result of liabilities arising from airbag inflator recalls. Approximately 34 million vehicles are currently under recall for approximately 46 million defective Takata air bags, creating one of the largest and most complex recalls in U.S. history.

Gnarus’ services may include the estimation of number and value of present and future PSAN inflator personal injury claims, assessing proposals made by other parties, expert testimony, and other consulting services. Gnarus recently combined with the Litigation & Expert Services team at Nathan Associates to create a diverse and nimble pool of preeminent economic experts and consultants.

As noted in the Declaration filed with the Court requesting Gnarus’ retention, Gnarus’ experts are recognized as leaders in issues relating to product liability and related litigation. Over the past 30 years, Gnarus’ professionals have been engaged in many of the largest personal injury and property damages cases. During this period, Gnarus has been retained in litigation arising from a variety of sources ranging from environmental spills and contamination to asbestos and other mass torts, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, among others. Gnarus professionals specialize in the management of complex quantitative analysis in litigation matters, particularly matters involving the quantification of future liability arising from product liability, asbestos and mass tort, and environmental claims. Their experience includes expertise in quantifying value of potential future claims arising from non-asbestos mass tort issues including silica, beryllium, welding rods, latex gloves, silicone breast implants, gadolinium, atrazine, and lead. They have evaluated such claims in the context of bankruptcy, insurance allocation, internal management, cost allocation, cost recovery, litigation risk analyses, financial disclosures, insurance commutation, due diligence, and potential legislative solutions to asbestos personal injury torts. For example, Gnarus experts were retained as estimation experts for the Special Master of September 11th Victim Compensation Fund in order to quantify the value of potential future claims.

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