Nathan Associates helped the government of Ghana develop a transport policy framework that reflects the country’s economic development objectives, improves management and development of the transport sector and provision of transport service, encourages public-private partnerships, and ensures accessible and affordable transportation.

Taking a consensus-building approach, we conducted a diagnostic review of institutional arrangements for managing, operating, and regulating the entire transport sector roads, rail, water transport, ports, and aviation.

We assessed legislation, regulations, and the organization, policymaking, and planning processes of various transport entities. We then formulated policy options and presented them for discussion at a regional workshop.

After further analysis, we presented a white paper at a national workshop recommending policies to achieve Ghana’s vision and policy objectives (sustainability, competitiveness, sector integration and coordination, public health and safety, environmental sustainability, and innovation and workforce skills).

The paper included an implementation plan consisting of action and sequencing schedules, assignment of responsibility, and performance targets.

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