The objective of the Transport and Logistics Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean was to collect data on the characteristics and performance of the sub-sectors of transport and services in 16 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. There was a lack of information on freight transportation in Latin America and the Caribbean; past attempts to collect data have been fragmented and lack reliable statistics, methodologies and definitions to facilitate comparisons between countries.

The yearbook would address the growing importance of cross-cutting programs that are the key to the sustainable development of the region, such as the facilitation of transport and trade, along with transportation logistics and climate change.

Nathan’s team designed the yearbook as a versatile data source that is a fundamental part of the Bank’s strategy to comprehensively address the challenges of transport and logistics in the region.

The Yearbook was designed by Nathan as a substantial, feasible, inclusive, and participatory tool.
For the yearbook, Nathan’s team structured a conceptual basis for establishing a bridge between data and metrics, along with methodologies that contribute to addressing the challenges of transportation in the region.

We developed a robust set of data to enable a meaningful conceptual assessment minimizing the availability and comparability limitations of measuring and evaluating transport and logistics in the Latin American context.

The final yearbook tool facilitates the dissemination of information to be accessible to the user friendly, easy to understand, and reliable.

The data is accessible through an interactive app that goes beyond data presentation, and allows users to access a versatile source of information in order to focus on problem solving and promote critical thinking.

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