Nathan’s team of recognized, cross-disciplinary professionals offers a unique depth and breadth of expertise in environmental health & safety (EH&S) issues.

With backgrounds in economics, environmental science, engineering, and regulation, our experts and consultants provide a single, integrated source for tailored, insightful consulting deliverables and independent, objective expert testimony. Clients rely on Nathan experts for advice on EH&S compliance counseling, management assessment and systems improvements, liability estimation, and sustainability issues.


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Nathan advises companies and law firms on complicated environmental regulatory and permitting issues. Nathan consultants have vast experience, both within environmental regulatory agencies and as consultants to companies, in evaluating and in providing guidance for the most difficult compliance questions. Nathan consultants also provide strategic support to companies involved in complex permitting projects.

Compliance Counselling

Nathan combines economic analysis with scientific and technical expertise to provide clients with multidimensional support on environmental, tort, product liability, business interruption, property value diminution and other issues. Our experts and consultants have advanced capabilities in financial modeling, Monte Carlo analysis, statistics, liability risk projections, and related disciplines.

Liability Estimation

Nathan is a global leader in helping companies analyze the value of their environmental programs. Our experts advise companies and organizations in virtually every industry on how to improve environmental performance, minimize unnecessary environmental costs and use their environmental procedures and policies to achieve strategic goals.

What sets Nathan experts apart is our ability to combine extensive firsthand experience in complex environmental, regulatory, technical, and economics cases with an understanding of business management.

Management Assessment & Systems Improvements

Nathan experts and consultants are available to provide a sounding board for high-level environmental program evaluation, including balance sheet reserves, agency negotiation, vendor selection, overall program effectiveness, environmental portfolio prioritization and management and difficult issue resolution.

Trusted Advisor