To further its cultivation of a robust and competitive economy, Egypt is modernizing its financial sector, reforming its trade and customs regimes, investing in human resources, enforcing intellectual property rights, and improving its business-enabling environment.

The purpose of the TAPR II project was to help Egypt

  • Achieve macroeconomic stability,
  • Improve financial structures and services,
  • Boost trade and investment,
  • Improve graduate education in fields important to business and government,
  • Strengthen intellectual property rights enforcement, and
  • Strengthen the private sector.

Nathan helped the government monitor economic indicators and track and evaluate the impact of economic policy changes. We also

  • Worked with Customs, ports, and control agencies to reduce import and export clearance times;
  • Showed Egypt’s new Competition Authority how to analyze competition issues and how to collect the information needed for investigations; and
  • Supported revision of IPR legislation, improvement of IPR implementation, and strengthening of IPR enforcement at the border.

To strengthen the business environment we assisted with commercial court development and revision of key pieces of commercial legislation.

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