• December 16, 2009

On March 1, 2007, USAID Washington announced that DAI–Nathan Group was among the nine awardees of the Global Business, Trade and Investment II IQC, a contract vehicle with a ceiling value of $3 billion over the next five years.

Through the GBTI II IQC, missions, bureaus, and other U.S. government agencies will be able to procure technical assistance services that support promote economic growth, reduce poverty, graduate transitional countries from aid to trade, promote open competitive markets, develop the private sector, and mobilize private financing to supplement and eventually replace development assistance.

What the DAI–Nathan Group Offers

A joint venture, the DAI–Nathan Group offers USAID a superior solution for many challenges faced by failing, failed, and fragile states and Millennium Challenge:

Corporation (MCC) Threshold countries. The DAI–Nathan Group combines the abilities of two firms built over 95 years of consulting in more than 150 developing countries. Nathan Associates’ expertise in global trade and investment, infrastructure, and economic policy is paired with DAI’s leadership in enterprise development, agriculture, agribusiness, conflict management, and public-private partnership.

A Consortium of Experts. To enhance its capabilities, the Group has brought together specialized firms, including thought leaders such as the Center for Global Development and experienced implementers, such as Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services, to form the DAI–Nathan Consortium.

Tested and Proven Tools. The DAI–Nathan Group offers many tools, tested in USAID and other donor projects, for GBTI II task orders:

  • Provincial Competitiveness Index for Spurring Public-Private Dialogue on Reform
  • Country Risk Assessment Tool (C-RAT) for Investing Economic and Corporate Risks of Investing and Operating in Developing Countries
  • Diagnostic Tools for Evaluating Inefficiencies in the Logistics Chain
  • SME Credit Scorecard for Risk Measurement

Experience. Demand for technical assistance consulting services was high under the first GBTI contract (1998-2009). In the 1998-2006 period, GBTI financed more than 200 task orders totaling almost $630 million. Nathan Associates was one of six holders of the GBTI I contract; Nathan awards totaled $189 million, accounting for more than 30 percent of all awards.

Points of Contact
DAI–Nathan Group
Jean Gilson
IQC Project Manager

Lance Graef
DAI–Nathan Group Deputy IQC Manager
T: 703.516.7718

Yoon Lee
T: 202.712.5516 

Mark H. Karns
GBTI II Activity Manager
Senior Privatization Advisor
T: 202.712.5516

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