Through the Country Analytical Support project (CAS I), Nathan Associates developed a standard methodology for producing reports that provide a clear and concise evaluation of economic growth performance.

Reports were tailored to the needs of USAID missions and regional bureaus for analysis of economic and social conditions in individual developing countries. Under CAS II (2006-2010), we developed another template for countries emerging from crisis.

Country Reports

We produced more than 40 reports, each analyzing economic trends, constraints, and opportunities through 15 indicators. The reports also covered the relationship between economic performance and conflict in countries troubled by or emerging from conflict.

Performance under each indicator was gauged against corresponding data for two comparator countries, two regional group averages, and a regression estimate for a country with similar characteristics, as well as global highs and lows.


The CAS template established the design for the country analytical reports. The template outlined the conceptual framework for performance assessments, explained our international benchmarking methodology, and identified approximately 100 readily accessible economic and social indicators that constitute the statistical basis for our diagnostic analysis.

Follow-up Activities

Follow-up activities included sector reviews, training, and assistance to governments as institutionalizing economic performance evaluations. Our training of Jordan’s Government Performance Directorate covered systems and methods for producing evaluations?data resources, data analysis, and benchmarking.

The Directorate can now compare the country’s performance relative to international standards and help set goals for development. We also assessed development disparities and economic performance trends in Kazakhstan by region, and provided USAID/Almaty with a practical, data-based method for monitoring regional disparities.

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