• November 27, 2012

Beyer and Tamara Speak on CCI and Market Networks

November 29, 2012-The Competition Commission of India (CCI) enforces India’s Competition Act and became operational in 2009. Since then it has been coming down hard on companies in all sectors, instilling fear of penalties among companies that flout the competition law, and becoming embroiled in regulatory turf wars.

The Competition Law Enforcement and Business Strategy seminar in New Delhi will shed light on CCI?s success and challenges, cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical sector, and competition in platform markets/network industries. The seminar is sponsored by the CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition and the Progress Harmony Development (PHD) Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Regulators and lawyers, chartered accountants, economists, competition advocates, researchers, academicians, senior executives, and CEOs will be participating in the seminar. Nathan Associates, CEO, Dr. John Beyer, will discuss the successes of and challenges facing India’s competition regime. Dr. Ram Tamara, Director of Nathan Economic Consulting India Pvt, Ltd (Nathan India), will discuss economic approaches to assessing market power in platform markets. Dr. Tamara has published numerous articles on competition and the CCI in the Indian press, and been a competition law panelist for international conferences in India.

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