Canada, Analysis of Wholesale Broadband Pricing

A major Canadian telecommunications company received assistance from Nathan with submissions to the Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission’s review of wholesale telecommunications policy. Nathan analyzed international practice in regulating wholesale broadband prices and in setting thresholds for forbearance for dominant … Read More

Myanmar, Regulatory Regime and Capacity Building Analysis

Myanmar’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology received assistance from Nathan in creating credible telecom regulations and sustainable, fair, and competitive market conditions in Myanmar. Nathan analyzed the possible approaches to regulation of access to and interconnection of communications networks. … Read More

Mozambique, Analysis of the Economic Impact of Air Transport Liberalization

Protectionist aviation policies were severely constraining tourism and business development in Mozambique, potentially a top tourist destination. Mozambique has taken important steps toward a liberalized skies policy, but additional efforts were needed to implement changes and promote more competition. With … Read More

West and Central Africa, Logistics Costs Study

On behalf of the World Bank, Nathan measured the hidden logistics-related costs in six transport corridors in Central and West Africa. These include not only costs related to trucking but also time and opportunity costs resulting from inefficient processes and … Read More

Vanuatu: Ensuring Competition and Competitive Pricing

Nathan provided multiple services to Vanuatu’s telecommunications regulator from 2011-2013: analyzing market dominance, drafting guidelines for competition, investigating possible anti-competitive pricing, and advising on interconnection rates. This work entailed such activities as gathering and examining financial and market data, synthesizing … Read More

Economic Regulation of Airlines Ticket Pricing in India

Nathan conducted a study for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India, which defined “predatory” and “excessive” pricing within the context of India’s civil aviation sector. The study also assisted the Ministry … Read More

Peru, Advisory Services on Telecommunications Regulation

Peru’s telecom regulator, Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones (OSIPTEL), sought advice on the implementation of telecom regulations outlined in the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA). Nathan analyzed in depth the U.S regulatory experience with unbundling network elements. … Read More

Philippines, Institutional Strengthening of Air Transport Industry for the COMPETE Project

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) sought assistance through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE) Project to strengthen the authority’s regulatory capability. The objective was to avoid a second downgrade of the Philippines’ civil … Read More

Armenia, Public Service Regulatory Commission, Telecom Regulatory Capacity Building

The Armenian Public Service Regulatory Commission (PSRC) received Nathan’s assistance inestablishing rules and procedures designed to attract investment, encourage network development,and increase competition in the telecommunications sector consistent with Armenian national policies as well as EU guidelines and regulations. Nathan … Read More

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