The Business Software Alliance (BSA) represents leading publishers of packaged business software. BSA turns to Nathan Associates for analysis of

  • The economic impact of the demand for software,
  • The impact of failing to protect the intellectual property rights of software publishers,
  • The effects of government policies on the software publishing industry, and
  • The ways in which technological progress in the industry has contributed to our economic well-being.

In Forecasting a Robust Future, June 1999, we examined the demand for software and the impact of software piracy on economic activity.

Our 1997 study, Building an Information Economy: Software Industry Positions U.S. for New, Digital Era, presented a detailed portrait of the software industry, the country’s third-largest manufacturing industry generating $102.8 billion in revenues in 1996. Both of these studies clarified how the software industry and its products have improved U.S. economic well-being.

In April 2000, Robert Damuth, Vice President and Director of Policy Studies, attended BSA’s Software Policy Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he discussed the future of the software industry in Southeast Asia and the virtuous dynamics of software asset management. He then took part in a locally televised panel discussion of policy and software piracy.

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