Our business analytics studies, many of them confidential, develop organization-specific knowledge from proprietary transaction data provided by the client, supplementing that data with information from our own survey research.

Here, clients use our services to develop deeper knowledge of customers and markets, as well as how changing market, economic, and environmental conditions will affect their bottom lines.

Projects have included

  • Econometric modeling of demand for passenger transportation services to quantify customers’ sensitivity to changes in prices charged by the client and the client’s competitors. The client also used our model to support an insurance claim for earnings lost as a result of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
  • Material flow modeling and econometric modeling and forecasting of national inventories of recycled material used by a primary metal manufacturer with plants worldwide. In addition to forecasting national inventories, using the client’s transaction data, we developed and estimated an econometric model quantifying the effect of price paid for recovered material on the amount of material recovered.
  • Survey research sampling design for determining the basis on which the client organization can distribute royalty revenues to members who are intellectual property rightsholders.
  • Analysis and estimation of costs of alternative designs for achieiving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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