Nathan conducted an engineering and construction design review, an operations and maintenance (O&M) review, and an economic and financial analysis of a proposed terminal site in Santa Catarina, Brazil. We

  • Evaluated the adequacy of the land site and marine location
  • Reviewed design and technical specifications for completeness, compliance with norms and standards, and adequacy with regard to throughput
  • Validated the sponsor’s timeline and cost projections for terminal construction, equipment installation, and the probability of cost overruns
  • Evaluated the O&M plans and budgets, ensuring that cost estimates were appropriate for volume and capacity assumptions and evaluating container traffic flow, warehousing, and logistics systems
  • Evaluated project management arrangements such as key personnel and the safety program

We also evaluated the O&M contract and other arrangements for appropriateness for lenders, including items such as liquidated damages, contingencies, and insurance policies. To assist with lenders’ financial modeling, we provided a 15-year estimate of port operating costs that included a sensitivity analysis.

Our due diligence work helped attract investor interest and financing is now being negotiated.

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