In 2005, Nathan Associates conducted a comprehensive review of a multipurpose terminal proposed for the Port of Santos. On the basis of our recommendations, the sponsor of the terminal chose to instead develop a fully integrated container terminal, dubbed Embraport.

In 2008, we reviewed the new terminal’s start-up plan to ensure operational readiness when construction is complete. We have reviewed engineering drawings and operational plans and examined construction and equipment procurement, start-up management, and staffing and operational labor, taking into account licensing requirements, secondary settlement of the landfill areas in the terminal, and the training plan and resources.

Our recommendations for improving efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring smooth operations are as follows:

  • Ease terminal congestion by modifying access gates, making some gates reversible to adjust the number of lanes in each direction
  • Use bridges to connect a detached apron to the main yard
  • Consider modifications to create more storage near the berth
  • Use automated equipment instead of manually driven RTGs
  • Ensure usefulness of purchasing mobile cranes and address safety and environmental concerns, especially in areas designated for hazardous cargo
  • Ensure operational schedules by stabilizing sufficient area for container storage
  • Procure recommended IT systems for terminal operations, finance and accounting, administration of human resources, and equipment maintenance
  • Use experienced Embraport personnel and train the future workforce
  • Institue procedures to eliminate conflict with customs, reduce construction and operating costs, and generate savings for shippers by keeping the empty depot within terminal boundaries
  • Be prepared to take advantage of possible changes in customs regulations.

These recommendations have all been followed and to good effect, with the terminal project attracting financing from equity investors and construction nearing completion. In 2009 we performed a market update.

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