• April 3, 2013

On August 7, 2008, employee shareholders at Nathan Associates approved the appointment of four new members to the firm’s Board of Directors, three of them new to the firm and one an actively employed shareholder.

The board will benefit from the decisive entrepreneurial style and financial background of Richard Burtner, president and CEO of Entrepreneurial Business Solutions, LLC, and former chief financial officer, CEO, and president of several technology firms.

Katherine Clark, former CEO and founder of Landmark Systems Corporation (1983-2001), offers insight from her experience as an entrepreneur with an appreciation for communication and marketing. Likewise,

Valerie Perlowitz currently senior vice president of ATS Corporation and founder, president, and CEO of Reliable Integration Services Inc (1988-2007) brings to the board an excellent record in strategic planning and employee communication.

With Nathan Associates for 28 years, Roger Manring, a Senior Vice President of the firm, will provide his on the ground perspective of developments in international economics, a major segment of the firm’s business.

Three other members of the board provide continuity in long-term leadership: Chairman, Joseph Gunn III; President and CEO, John Beyer; and Executive Vice President, Lakhbir Singh.

“We welcome our new board members,” says John Beyer. Nathan Associates will benefit from their fresh perspectives, entrepreneurial instincts, and proven abilities.

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