The economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation organization (APEC) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are remarkably diverse, but all share an interest in transport electrification. This is particularly true of rapidly growing developing economies with urban quality-of-life and environmental sustainability goals. APEC economies agreed on a roadmap to promote electric vehicles (EVs) through harmonized standards and regulatory approaches, both of which can be critical in lowering the costs associated with EV adoption. Nathan worked closely with U.S. government and industry partners in the roadmap’s implementation by reviewing EV standards and regulations, their development efforts, and by holding capacity building trainings on these issues to government officials in the region. In a follow-on effort, Nathan worked with regional governments in APEC and ASEAN to explore the possibility of EV interoperability centers in the Asia Pacific region to speed the implementation of those standards.

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