Economic Policy & Governance

At Nathan Associates, we believe that sound macroeconomic policies, good governance, and strong supporting institutions underpin sustainable economic growth. We first help developing country governments and the international donors that assist them understand what constrains growth, then devise remedies to overcome constraints and build a country’s capacity to develop and execute economic reforms independently.

Our services include

  • Building capacity for advising on and formulating fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies
  • Advising policymakers on revenue streams and resource allocation, and providing related training
  • Working with banks to make the financial sector more efficient
  • Advising policymakers on economic policies that accelerate economic growth and poverty reduction
  • Building capacity for public-private dialogue
  • Benchmarking national and subnational aspects of economic growth performance
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of development assistance
  • Establishing policies that enable economic growth and good governance in fragile and postconflict states
  • Curbing corruption by promoting good economic governance and measuring progress in anticorruption efforts.

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