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Economic growth and globalization are changing the relationship between private and public interests, especially in stepped-up demands for efficient infrastructure systems.

Governments now turn frequently to private developers, operators, and investors as the source of new or improved facilities in transport (ports, roads, airports, and rail), telecommunications, and utility infrastructure—water, wastewater, and energy.

To protect the interests of the private sector, rules and procedures governing the award of concessions and other competitive bids must be clear; and to protect the interests of the public, regulations must be revised and regulatory capabilities improved. 

Nathan Associates provides economic, technical, and financial advisory services to governments, public agencies, and private institutions and companies to

  • Assess options for privatizing public infrastructure and for public-private partnerships;
  • Analyze infrastructure planning, policy, and investment needs and feasibility;
  • Strengthen and reform public and private institutions involved in infrastructure;
  • Analyze the competitive and regulatory environment; and
  • Evaluate costing and pricing of services provided over infrastructure networks.

Our sector expertise covers facilities, logistics, and regulatory environments for ports, airports, road, and rail transport, as well as water systems and telecommunications in developing countries.

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