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Business & Industry Consulting

How will laws and government policies affect a business or industry? Are supply sources sufficient to meet production goals? Where can you get the data you need to guide your decisions?

The economists at Nathan Associates can provide the data, analysis, and insight necessary to answer these and other critical questions facing firms, trade associations, government regulators and legislators, and attorneys. We apply our economic knowledge and industry experience in

  • Evaluating the impact of changes in public policies, in federal and state regulations, and in market and business conditions on firms and industries;
  • Designing and conducting surveys to gather the quantitative and qualitative facts essential to sound decisions;
  • Producing comprehensive industry studies; and
  • Designing and evaluating economic models that isolate the effects of key variables.

Our in-house experts and academic affiliates have industry expertise in casinos and gaming, scrap metal, energy, transportation, music and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, broadcast and satellite, radio and television, wireless communications, industrial chemicals, banking and finance, tobacco, and airlines.

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