Providing solutions based on the economics of competition, innovation, and reward

Economic Consulting and Analysis

At Nathan Associates we believe that competition promotes economic growth and development by driving innovation and rewarding success. 

  • Our understanding of the costs and benefits of a competitive system of markets and prices derives from our experience developing and providing expert economic testimony in antitrust litigation, including class actions, and estimating the damages from anti-competitive behavior. Internationally, we develop and help implement trade policy that allows expansion of geographic markets and broad dispersion of the benefits of competition.
  • Our industry studies provide insight into the role of innovation in economic growth and the importance of protecting the intellectual property rights of innovators. Innovation, which is the basis for a sustainable competitive advantage, requires research and development spending, the outcome of which is highly uncertain. Hence, success must be rewarded by rates of return significant enough to encourage undertaking the risk.
  • Our understanding of the economics of risk and reward rests on a foundation of worldwide experience analyzing the economics of investments in large-scale infrastructure projects to determine whether their rates-of-return justify their undertaking. Our economic analysis often goes beyond project costs and benefits to include economic impacts. Project objectives sometimes include generation of jobs, wages, and tax revenues.

Competition, innovation, and reward are the economic forces of life. The solutions we provide clients are powered by an understanding of these forces.

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