A leading integrated oil and gas company in Latin America sought Nathan’s expertise to transform its value chain, including all processes and functions related to operations and maintenance. A current Nathan team member supported process improvements across the entire value chain for upstream, mid stream, two refineries, and the central organization, designed a new governance model, and delivered new and integrated tools for the hydrocarbon supply chain and refineries.

To get there, the team member: assessed all aspects of the supply chain, operating, and asset management for the entire value chain; developed a five-year roadmap to close organization, process, and technology gaps; supported definition of an operating model underpinned by clear roles and responsibilities, resource loading for both internal and extended workforce sourcing, and competency modeling; and assessed, selected, and drove implementation of integrated supply chain, operations, asset management, and performance management tools for use across the entire value chain.

Among other strategies, he leveraged Nathan’s proprietary industry business process management (BPM) library to accelerate the development of integrated fit for purpose “to be” processes, and drove delivery, ownership, and solution sustainability through use of our proven change enablement methods.

Cost saving identified added up to between $1.3 billion and $1.6 billion. Savings came about through improvements in utilities, planning modeling integrated with oil movement systems, and data quality; integration between utilities and operative units; maintenance and turnaround efficiencies; personnel efficiencies; and refinery utilization.



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