A joint venture of major upstream oil companies engaged a current Nathan team member to help improve the performance and overall availability of an onshore gas platform through better turnaround management. Achieving this result required the assessment, planning/development, and implementation of a number of solutions.

  • A 2.5-year prioritized integrated program plan to close organization capability, process, and technology gaps, with a focus on developing sustainable turnaround management capability
  • A management stewardship process for all front-end loading processes
  • A continuous improvement culture that constructively challenges performance
  • A tiered turnaround assurance model to ensure the sustainability of the turnaround results

The work also involved coaching the turnaround execution organization on how to translate the plan and controls into flawless execution.

Improvement in turnaround management resulted in improvement of overall plant availability by 5.4%, turnaround duration and cost decreases of 30% and 40% respectively, and improvement of health, safety, and environmental performance by 1.4 TRIR (total recordable incident rate).



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