The Afghan Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) had full responsibility for planning and executing road maintenance using GIRoA resources (finances, equipment, materials, and labor), however, it lacked adequate resources, technical, and managerial capacity to maintain and manage the road network.

To improve the effectiveness and accountability of the MoPW, the establishment of a Road Authority, Road Fund, and Transportation Institute has been authorized, transferring the road operation and maintenance functions to a commercialized system executed by private sector contractors, supported by a dedicated revenue stream.

The three modern institutions created at the time were:

  •  An autonomous Road Fund to provide sustainable financing
  • A Transportation Institute to train and build capacity of Afghan professionals to plan, analyze and manage the road sector Nathan, as a subcontractor, was responsible for the development of all tasks to set up an independent and sustainable Road Fund as a separate institution from the Road Authority with separate functions and separate governance structures. The team developed recommendations and procedures for the: Road Fund establishment legislation
  • Identification of dedicated revenue streams, rates and procedures to transfer the revenue to the Road Fund;
  • Structure and composition of the Road Fund, including its board of directors to provide with broad representation (government, private sector, and civil society etc.
  • Performance monitoring of the Road Authority, disbursement of funds to the Road Authority based on approved work programs and use of annual financial and technical audits to determine to what extent the Road Authority met its targets
  • Adjustment of the allocation percentages of available revenue to the various classes of roads based on changes to the condition and changing nature of the network.













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