Ram Tamara Nathan Associates

Ram Tamara

Title: Vice President

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil

Education: Ph.D., Economics, Clemson University, 1997
Master of Professional Accounting, Clemson University, 1991
ACA, Chartered Accounting, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 1989
Bachelor of Commerce, Business, University of Madras, 1987

Office: Arlington

Industry Experience: Food additives and processed foods, Synthetic fibers, Flat glass, Corrugated containers, Intercity passenger transportation

A consulting economist since 2000, Ram Tamara provides data-driven analytical solutions for the public and private sectors. His work ranges widely: helping businesses understand markets and devise strategies; evaluating the economic impact of government policies, regulations, and socioeconomic interventions; and advising on competition matters. Nathan India, which he helped establish and build, is a leading provider of analysis in the economics of competition law and policy.

Dr. Tamara’s research spans several sectors including construction, financial services, information, and communication technology (ICT), manufacturing, and transportation. Under his direction, the firm analyzed the semiconductor industry’s global value chain; quantified the Internet’s impact on the performance of small and medium enterprises; evaluated the effect of priority lending requirements on the performance of commercial banks; gauged the socioeconomic impact of water sanitation projects and food aid programs; and assessed the level of competition in India’s civil aviation industry

He and his staff perform merger analysis, with previous work in industries as diverse as aviation, cement, entertainment, and tires.

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