Class Action

Class action litigation provides compensation for economic loss and deters illegal practices. Without class actions, many violations, especially those involving relatively small degrees of harm to large numbers of businesses or individuals, would remain unchallenged.

Nathan Associates provides economic analysis and testimony in class action litigation on behalf of plaintiffs, opt-outs, and defendants. Our economists and financial analysts

  • Conduct preliminary analyses to evaluate the merits of planned complaints or investigate facts relevant to the claims of the proposed class;
  • Evaluate and provide reports and testimony on common impact and the feasibility of assessing damages class-wide, issues central to the certification of a proposed class;
  • Estimate damages in support of settlement negotiations;
  • Assess the relative value of proposed settlements in the light of estimated damages; and
  • Testify in deposition and trial about impact, liability, and damages.

Our experience is as varied as the class actions. We provide economic analysis in support of class action litigation in antitrust, consumer fraud, labor and employment, securities and financial services, and mass torts. The industries we have worked in include airlines, basic chemicals, building materials, car dealerships, explosives, food products, mining, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper products, securities, and tobacco products. We have participated in indirect and direct purchaser suits.


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