Survey Research, Design, and Analysis

Surveys can be valuable tools for collecting accurate, objective, and credible data when there is little or no existing data and when resources are insufficient to analyze an entire population. Nathan Associates has conducted survey research, design, and analysis for over 35 years. Our work is rooted in survey sampling, statistical, and probability theories, and proven through years of practical application to real world issues. Our ability to fuse subject and survey competencies ensures that data collected through surveys are valid, reliable, and relevant.

Our Services

Nathan Associates has extensive experience in all phases of qualitative and quantitative survey research, including

  • Developing and pretesting survey instruments 
  • Designing statistical sampling procedures for selecting a sample
  • Implementing and managing the implementation of surveys 
  • Analyzing survey results 
  • Reporting survey results and conclusions
  • Providing expert testimony 
  • Critiquing survey methodologies 

We conduct surveys of consumers, employees, and businesses using various modes of data collection, including telephone, mail, mall-intercept, online, facsimile, and in person interviews.

Our Experience

Nathan Associates has designed and implemented surveys, analyzed survey results, and provided expert testimony in various types of litigation matters:

  • Antitrust matters to identify consumer preferences, evaluate the substitutability of products or services, define relevant markets, and estimate market shares. 
  • Class actions to demonstrate whether the class action requirements of numerosity, typicality, and commonality are met. 
  • False advertising matters to establish whether advertising is false or misleading. 
  • Intellectual property matters, such as trademark and trade dress infringement cases, to evaluate consumer confusion, secondary meaning, and dilution. 
  • In patent infringement cases, we use surveys to assess the value of product features and individual components of multi-featured products. 
  • Labor-related matters to gather data on unpaid overtime, off-the clock work, missed meal and rest periods, lost vacation days, and unreimbursed expenses. 

We have also conducted survey research in non-litigation settings to

  • Analyze the impact of existing and proposed public policies 
  • Estimate market demand and market potential for goods and services 
  • Collect confidential financial and operating data from trade associations’ members 
  • Measure business and industry performance 
  • Develop industry profiles and statistics 
  • Generate inputs for demand and forecasting models, as well as economic impact analyses 
  • Determine performance royalty payments to authors, composers, and publishers of musical works
  • Gather professional and industry opinions on various issues 
  • Collect demographic data

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