Companies and other parties with an interest in product liability and mass torts issues rely on Nathan’s experts for advice on the possible magnitude of those losses.

They also turn to us on issues relating to insurance gap shortfalls, cash flow concerns, estimates informing financial reporting, potential tort settlements, and the value of future unasserted claims. Our breadth of experience includes liability arising from sources including asbestos, beryllium, lead paint, latex gloves, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, mercury, silica, coal mine dust, silicone breast implants, and welding rods.


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Our experts are recognized as leaders in issues relating to asbestos litigation. Through our litigation and consulting services, which focus on financial reporting, claims projections, and corporate restructuring, along with transactions including bankruptcy, cash flow analyses, and insurance recovery, we serve companies of all sizes.

Asbestos & Mass Torts

Our experts can assist with a variety of issues in data analysis and claims management. These issues include: (a) reviewing claims handling and data collection procedures to assist in collecting important data in an appropriate manner; (b) conducting samples to evaluate existing claimant and payment data and claims handling procedures for internal management, as well as for litigation and settlement with insurance carriers and other parties which may share liability; and (c) claim management that includes complete claim administration, database design and implementation, quantitative reporting functions, and development of complete strategic claim management frameworks.

Claims Management

Our experts provide a wide variety of services to clients pursuing or defending insurance coverage claims in both settlement and litigation, including insurance archeology, policy review, liability estimation using advanced modeling techniques, allocation of past and potential future claims to insurance policies, and supporting clients and their counsel in ongoing settlement and litigation.

Insurance Allocation

Our experts combine economic analysis with scientific and technical expertise to provide clients with multidimensional support on environmental, tort, product liability, business interruption, property value diminution, and other issues. Our experts and consultants have advanced capabilities in financial modeling, Monte Carlo analysis, statistics, liability risk projections, and related disciplines. We bring these skills to bear on expert testimony in adversarial proceedings, as well as in bankruptcy matters, transactional due diligence, financial reserving and disclosures, and internal risk management and analysis.

Liability Estimation