A major integrated energy company in North America engaged a current Nathan team member to assist with building and implementing an enterprise transformation program to establish a process-focused culture with clearly defined process ownership and governance, and improved end-to-end (asset management, operations, finance, and procurement) process visibility. The program included an operating model redesign, process alignment, and technology integration involving operations, maintenance, supply chain, finance, human resources, and information management. The goal was to achieve lower cost, stable maintenance execution.

The work needed to drive stakeholder engagement to validate the underlying business case for transformation, and develop the transformation program and detailed implementation plan based on end-to-end assessment, analysis, solution development, and recommendations. It needed to identify organizational gaps and the definition of a “to be” operating model for aligning the organization to achieve outcomes. It included establishment of a clear metrics framework to enable long-term sustainment of solution and outcomes, inclusive of program benefits capture, and sustainability reviews. And it included coaching on optimizing alignment of maintenance, reliability, operations, engineering, and capital projects, with focus on breaking silos to ensure the availability of the asset when needed.

Among other strategies, he leveraged Nathan’s proprietary industry business process management (BPM) library to accelerate the development of integrated fit for purpose “to be” processes, and incentivized delivery, ownership, and solution sustainability through use of our proven change enablement methods.

The transformation resulted in feasible and achievable plans and schedules and improved interface between supply chain, maintenance, and suppliers; improved management and control of maintenance costs with improved controls to enhance security and minimize cost overruns; the implementation of process and accountabilities with defined cadence for reviewing outcomes and data to drive discipline and sustainment; and simplified master data integration and more accurate master data. The work also resulted in improved reliability (~5 point increase in utilization) through more effective planned maintenance, reliability analysis, and equipment strategy execution.

Stable maintenance execution at lower cost (~30% reduction in operating expenses).



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