A current Nathan team member supported defining a globally consistent operating model that is enabling a leading global refining and chemical company to leverage a shared service model for many of its business functions. Work included developing and advancing an operating model definition; business process optimization; and pilot activities across the supply chain, product lifecycle management, engineering data management, and maintenance. Defining the model required designing and carrying out a number of goals.

  • Develop and analyze a work process assessment to understand activity performance across the value chain
  • Analyze current business operating model to prioritize areas for process, organization, or tool improvements
  • Conduct site specific work assessments of operations, maintenance and capital projects performance
  • Analyze 6+ years of work history and cost performance information
  • Conduct a detailed survey across all the company to identify process, capability and technical issues affecting engineering and field technician performance
  • Complete a maturity assessment to identify capability gaps and targets
  • Work in conjunction with client teams to develop detailed benefits cases to prioritize tool enhancements, with focus on systems, applications, and products (SAP)
  • Accelerate closure of functional gaps in current process model through leveraging
    business process management (BPM) library
  • Lead design and development of SAP-based solutions required to enable process changes
  • Perform pilot test of new organization model, processes, and technology at site in Singapore to capture lessons learned to apply to global rollout

The work resulted in the endorsement of the resulting organizational, process, and technical improvements across refining and chemicals. This three-part improvement solution is providing an integrated environment for simplified core business processes such as procurement, product development, and data management. The bottom line? The new capabilities will enable the company to achieve and exceed cost reduction targets, while positioning the organization for continued growth. The program has been established with each member project having an expected return of more than 50%.



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