• June 29, 2020

ARLINGTON, June 29 — With the support of Nathan technical experts, on May 14 the President of the Kyrgyz Republic signed a law simplifying tax collection processes in a manner that will boost the competitiveness for enterprises across the country. Experts from Nathan provided technical assistance to the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Kyrgyz Republic to develop the draft law .

Previously employers were required to retain tax information and submit tax payments to two government bodies, requiring duplicative tax record-keeping and multiple filings. The new law transfers administrative responsibility for state social insurance contributions to the State Tax Service. This legal reform cuts unnecessary costs for businesses by eliminating a separate tax filing. The new law also allows small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to make quarterly rather than monthly social insurance contribution payments, further reducing tax administration burdens. The new law also reduces public expenditures by eliminating duplicative tax administration staff, increasing transparency in tax collection, and simplifying compliance enforcement by the State Tax Agency.

Under the USAID Enterprise Competitiveness Project (ECP) in the Kyrgyz Republic, Nathan facilitates administrative and regulatory reforms to by pinpointing and addressing critical bottlenecks that inhibit SMEs from increasing trade, growing and formalizing their businesses, and accessing the right kind of capital. As a subcontractor to ACDI/VOCA, Nathan leads ECP’s work to improve the business enabling environment throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

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