Call For Experts, Digital Connectivity And Cybersecurity Partnership (DCCP)

June 25 2021
Pacific Islands


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Nathan Associates is actively seeking technical experts for the anticipated USAID-funded Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership (DCCP) – Pacific Project, which will provide support to the governments of the Pacific Island countries to improve the quality and reach of digital communications and connectivity. Nathan is seeking technical experts, preferably from the Pacific Islands region, with expertise in the following topics: 

Improving Broadband Access

  • Using recent infrastructure investments across the Pacific Island countries (PICs) to improve access and connectivity within and between island countries, including capitalizing on submarine communication cable investments.
  • Supporting alternative technologies to improve connectivity, including satellite access, TV White Space, and Open RAN.
  • Assisting PICs in developing national strategies to achieve secure 5G technology.
  • Developing innovative approaches to last mile connectivity technology and business models to reach remote populations.
  • Improving the resilience of ICT infrastructure against natural disasters.

Strengthening Digital Policy and Regulations

  • Improving the business enabling environment for increased ICT investment.
  • Supporting reforms to lower regulatory compliance costs, promote competition, and reduce or eliminate barriers to entry.
  • Strengthening regulatory agencies’ capacity to address specific technical issues on open access, spectrum management, licensing management, data governance and cybersecurity, and implementing universal service funds.
  • Promote regulations for digital solutions for payments, e-commerce transactions, cross-border trade, and other financial services.
  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders in the PICs to develop common regulatory standards and harmonized policy frameworks.

Advancing Digital Government

  • Supporting delivery of public services, particularly through electronic means, and public transactions through digital platforms and solutions.
  • Improving government data bases or registries, data management and data-sharing, and capacity for data analytics.

Enhancing Digital Skills and Literacy

  • Supporting interventions that boost the quality and quantity of ICT professionals to drive digital transformation.
  • Strengthening and training ICT skills development programs to improve digital literacy, including support to universities and training institutes.
  • Increasing the number of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSPs) to meet cybersecurity needs.

Job Description:


  • A degree in a related technical field of expertise, such as public administration, law, public policy, engineering, information communication technology (ICT), or international development;
  • At least 5 years of working in areas of related expertise, preferably in the Pacific region;
  • Strong written and oral presentation skills in English, with demonstrated experience in preparing professional and organized reports and presentations in English; and


  • Previous experience with USAID or other donor-funded project; and
  • Previous experience working in the Pacific Islands