Resident Advisor, Central Bank Of Liberia

October 9 2020


Nathan Associates is currently implementing the USAID-funded Liberia Economic Policy Dialogue Activity (LEPDA). This is a four-year, $16 million program that supports the Government of Liberia (GOL) in introducing economic policy reforms. Nathan is partnering with the GOL to provide technical assistance, capacity building, and mentoring support on economic policy to various government ministries and entities, civil-society organizations, and academic institutions. Nathan is currently assisting the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) as it implements reforms outlined in the Strategic Plan 2020-2022. To lead these efforts, a new Board of Governors was appointed in 2019, including a new Executive Governor. In this context, Nathan seeks a Resident Advisor to provide direct technical support to the Executive Governor as he continues leading implementation of the CBL’s reform agenda.

As short-term technical assistance, the Resident Advisor will coordinate day-to-day work with the Executive Governor of the CBL. The Resident Advisor will report to Nathan’s Chief of Party (COP) in Liberia and Nathan’s Home Office Project Director.

Job Description:
  • Produce an inception report detailing the position’s workplan as well as relevant timelines;
  • Provide monetary policy advice to the Executive Governor;
  • Provide technical guidance on the implementation of the CBL’s Strategic Plan as well as other reform areas as prioritized by the CBL;
  • Advise on restructuring and reforming the CBL’s regulatory functions, especially in relation to supervision of the banking and financial services sector;
  • Produce monthly progress reports detailing reform programs successfully implemented or initiated, proposals to overcome emerging issues, and constraints encountered while exploring emerging opportunities;
  • Produce a final report at the end of the assignment which summarizes the activities undertaken and outlines recommendations for follow-on engagement;
  • Complete any other tasks as assigned by the Executive Governor of the CBL.



  • Master’s degree or higher in economics, monetary policy, international banking, and/or finance;
  • 10 years of experience in a central bank at a senior level – preferably a Governor position or an Advisor to a Governor;
  • Extensive expertise and hands-on experience working in a central bank within a developing country context, including knowledge of monetary policy operations and central bank operations (finance, budgeting, IT, procurement, payment systems, etc.);
  • Excellent English-language written and oral communication skills;
  • Strong leadership skills, including experience driving change in a similar context;
  • Strong analytical and negotiations skills as well as IT capabilities


  • Familiarity with central banking in Liberia, the West Africa sub-region, or a Sub-Saharan Africa country.