Chief of Party, International Development

September 11 2019
Male , Maldives


Nathan is a private international economic and analytics consulting firm that works with government and commercial clients around the globe to deliver practical solutions and achieve lasting results. Whether building frameworks for economic growth or navigating regulatory hurdles, securing infrastructure financing or evaluating and assessing disputes, Nathan’s experts serve as trusted partners, offering clients the analysis, technical advice, and strategies they need for sound decision-making. Known for both technical and service excellence, Nathan has corporate offices in the US, UK, and India and more than 25 program offices around the world.

This activity will achieve the following objectives by developing the capacity of the Government of Maldives (GOM) to:

  • Establish and implement a transparent and accountable budgetary system that leads to improved national budget allocations and management;
  • Identify and implement efficient public investments in services and facilities; and
  • Mobilize sufficient public revenue, commensurate with public investments and services.

The project will work closely with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure and at least three other line ministries, departments or agencies of the GOM.  Interventions in the above areas are expected to improve the quality, efficiency and transparency of decision making as it pertains to managing the Government budget processes and investments in public facilities and services. 

As the project’s key point of contact with USAID, Government of Maldives, and other stakeholders, the Chief of Party will coordinate technical assistance activities with field staff, short-term consultants, and Nathan home office personnel. The COP may also be responsible for the implementation of specific technical tasks within the project (to be determined according to needs and expertise). The Chief of Party will oversee overall project operations including project management, administration, oversight, reporting, financial and contractual obligations, contractor progress, and performance monitoring and evaluation.

Job Description:

Supervision and Provision of Technical Expertise

  • Provide technical advice to senior government officials on topics including macroeconomic and fiscal policy, economic governance, institutional capacity building, measures to strengthen public financial management, and key initiatives in public investment.
  • Liaise with the government counterparts, multi-lateral financial institutions, other donors, and civil society organizations to coordinate activities and achieve the goals and objectives of the activity;
  • Monitor and, in some cases, carry out technical assistance activities, including reviewing deliverables and reports for USAID and government counterparts;
  • Provide summaries of working group meetings, workshops, and trainings and identify next steps;
  • Coordinate the planning of technical activities involving Nathan’s partners with the Nathan headquarters project team to ensure that planned activities are in line with budgets and subcontracts;
  • Liaise with the project team at the Nathan Headquarters office to recruit technical experts as required; and
  • Other related technical and management tasks requested by USAID (and in coordination with the Nathan Home Office Team), in accordance with the scope of the activity.

Program Management

  • Support the planning, design, and implementation of technical activities in Maldives, including the drafting of work plans and terms of reference, and organizing and participating in technical working group meetings;
  • Manage and supervise the field office team, with appropriate delegation of duties to other staff members on the activity;
  • Supervise the recruitment and engagement of technical experts, business partners, and administrative staff, as appropriate;
  • Ensure that the activity is implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations of USAID and Nathan Associates;
  • Report regularly to the Nathan headquarters project team on project activities, deliverables, and events; key issues requiring approval from the headquarters office;
  • Review all accounting statements submitted to the home office and time sheets of local consultants, if applicable; and
  • Provide contributions to the quarterly and annual project reports.

  • Master's degrees in macroeconomics, applied economics, development economics, or similar field. PhD is preferred;
  • Minimum 10 years of experience managing programs of a similar focus and complexity,  
  • Proven ability to work effectively with USAID mission staff, host country counterparts, and international donors; with strong emphasis placed on experience developing and maintaining working relationships across a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Demonstrated leadership in teambuilding and integrity in project management;
  • Strong written, oral, and presentation skills; and
  • Ability to travel extensively throughout the Maldives