Country Director, International Development

April 10 2019


Nathan Associates Inc. is anticipating a U.S. government funded activity in Paraguay, which will provide technical assistance on Paraguay’s implementation of its commitments under the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA), with the specific goals of increased agricultural productivity and expanded trade of agricultural products.

Program Context

Trade facilitation is especially important to global food and agriculture systems due to growing global demand for diverse food sources, complex border procedures and requirements, and the perishable nature of agricultural products. Reducing barriers to trade maintains a level international playing field, which directly helps food and agricultural producers, importers, and exporters.

Paraguay ratified the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation on March 1, 2016. During the review period, it continued its reform process with a view to making customs administration more efficient and transparent and facilitating trade. Reforms include the adoption of a computerized risk management system, implementation of an approved economic operator program, introduction of the express consignment procedure, electronic transmission of air manifests, and digitalization of customs documents. Building on these achievements, there is still room to improve and simplify the procedures for registration of importers and their products and to revise and streamline the import licensing regime.

Paraguay’s National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) has made significant strides in implementing TFA requirements. Housed under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and enjoying strong political support, the NTFC has been increasing its consultation and coordination activities to include more private sector involvement. This project should empower the NTFC to enact their agenda and strengthen trade facilitation in Paraguay.

Job Description:

Reporting structure and coordination. The Country Director will play a key role in overseeing Nathan’s TFA efforts in Paraguay, requiring management and coordination skills and technical expertise in trade capacity building and diplomacy in the field. The position entails engagement with a wide range of public and private sector actors and international donors. The regional Director will:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for USDA/FAS and other USG counterparts in Paraguay
  • Report to the Project Director at Nathan Associates headquarters in the United States;
  • Manage and provide vision and technical leadership support to visiting Nathan Home Office and other consultants
  • Coordinate efforts with Paraguayan counterparts and other stakeholders in country

The Country Director will be responsible for the leadership, delivery, implementation, effective management and monitoring, evaluation and coordination of the TFA program in Paraguay. This will include oversight over both the technical tasks and the implementation of training, workshops or events for government agencies and counterparts.

The Country Director will be based in Asunción, Paraguay.

Key tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Program  Management
  • Serve as Country Director for the trade facilitation activities in Paraguay and ensure that the activity is implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations of USDA/FAS and Nathan Associates;
  • Supervise the recruitment and engagement of technical experts, business partners and administrative staff, as appropriate;
  • Facilitate/participate in weekly conference calls with Nathan HO team
  • Report regularly to the Nathan headquarters project team on project activities, deliverables and events, key issues requiring approval from the headquarters office;
  • Engage communications firms or consultants to publicize TFA support activities in Paraguay;
  • Review time sheets of local and international consultants, if applicable; and
  • Provide contributions to the semi-annual, monthly and annual reports of the TFA activity.
  1. Supervision of Technical Expertise/Technical Activities
  • Support the implementation of technical activities in Paraguay during the activities’ final year, including the organization and participation in technical working group meetings, workshops and trainings etc.;
  • Provide summaries of working group meetings, workshops and trainings and identify next steps;
  • Monitor and, in some cases, carry out technical activities (in coordination with USDA/FAS and Nathan home office), including review of deliverables and reports for U USDA/FAS SG;
  • Represent the project in public workshops, presentations and other activities;
  • Liaise with the project team at the Nathan Headquarters office to recruit technical experts as required;
  • Coordinate the execution of technical activities to ensure that planned activities are in line with budgets and subcontracts;
  • Liaise with the Paraguayan governments, civil society organizations and other donors to coordinate activities and achieve the goals and objectives of the activity; and
  • Other related technical and management tasks requested by USDA/FAS (and in coordination with the Nathan Home Office Team), in accordance with the scope of the activity.

  • More than 10 years’ experience in project management on USDA or other USG-funded technical assistance projects
  • Familiarity with key trade facilitation concepts, including the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation
  • Experience working/collaborating with relevant government stakeholders, including with National Trade Facilitation Committees, and the private sector
  • Experience with donor coordination
  • Experience with agriculture or food security projects or agribusiness.
  • Ability to solve problems in a pragmatic way
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a small team
  • Fluency in Spanish required