Enabling Environment and Trade Facilitation (EE&TF) Team Director, International Development

March 30 2018
Pretoria , South Africa


The Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (Trade & Investment Hub) project will help the Southern Africa region, including the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Member States, the private sector, and civil society organizations to realize greater regional and global trade linkages and export-oriented business opportunities. These objectives are underpinned by an improved regional trade and investment enabling environment coupled with increased agricultural value chain competitiveness supporting intra-regional trade.

*SADC Region Nationals Only*

Job Description:


The Enabling Environment and Trade Facilitation (EE&TF) Team Director will lead activities related to improving regional trade and the investment enabling environment in the Southern Africa region, with guidance and inputs from the Trade & Investment Hub Chief of Party. In addition, the EE&TF Team Director will lead the day-to-day activities of the EE&TF team (long- and short-term), and as necessary, facilitate management communication on other enabling environment and trade facilitation activities in implementation of the program as overviewed above.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The EE&TF Team Director will provide technical and strategic direction over EE&TF activities. The Director will coordinate with SADC and high level SADC member state government stakeholders, as well as relevant private sector entities and associations, to focus on increasing trade by reducing the time and cost of trade and eliminating non-tariff barriers to attract greater foreign direct investment; strengthening SADC’s institutional ability to advance implementation of regional and multilateral trade and investment agreements; improving corridor management, and implementing transport and logistics solutions for key value chains.

The EE&TF Team Director will provide direct input into customs modernization, border management, and transit activities, and will reinforce value chain and competitiveness results through new and innovative pilot programs bridging agricultural production and transport/logistics. The EE&TF Team Director’s approach to regional trade and investment enabling environment activities will combine the high-quality policy-level assistance SADC and member states have come to expect, with the positive bottom-line impact traders understandably demand. In addition, the EE&TF Team Director will coordinate with SADC member state government and quasi-government stakeholders on the provision of Trade & Investment Hub assistance to clarify technical assistance inputs, manage expectations, coordinate schedules and resource availability, and ensure efficient use of Trade & Investment Hub resources.

In implementing the above, the EE&TF Team Director will:

  • coordinate with national and regional public and private sector stakeholders, donors and other USAID implementing partners, as well as civil society, to outline the scope of technical assistance available to meet stakeholder needs, and determine how best to integrate Trade & Investment Hub technical assistance within existing programs/resources;
  • provide direct input into customs modernization, border management, transit, trade facilitation and enabling environment and related activities;
  • prepare technical and trip reports as necessary;
  • provide inputs to regular Trade & Investment Hub reporting including, weekly bullets to the Chief of Party, quarterly and annual reports and work plans, etc.;
  • provide inputs for ad hoc requests as directed by the Chief of Party and/or USAID and speak and conferences and events as necessary.
  • prepare/review presentation and communication materials for both Trade & Investment Hub’s and partners’ use;
  • prepare and coordinate EE&TF inputs to the USAID/Southern Africa approved Trade & Investment Hub PMEP
  • coordinate efforts with other Trade & Investment Hub activities/program to ensure synergies;
  • ensure the efficient utilization of USAID resources in support of stakeholder/ Trade & Investment Hub objectives; and

For administrative/management responsibilities and tasks, the EE&TF Team Director will be ultimately responsible for the management of the team and coordination of EE&TF team activities and quality assurance over all relevant deliverables.

The EE&TF Team Director serves as a principal point of contact in the field with the Nathan Home Office for the EE&TF activities, communicating regularly and sharing relevant updates and project successes. The EE&TF Team Director also assumes primary responsibility for communicating and maintaining a positive and productive relationship with the Chief of Party.

Specific administrative/management tasks will be to:  

  • assign tasks directed toward EE&TF technical objectives as outlined in the USAID/Southern Africa approved work plan to team members, and coordinate workflow and tasks to ensure that team members are keeping to the defined schedule;
  • manage the EE&TF team and workload, and maintain positive and productive working relationships among team members; and
  • ensure quality of all EE&TF project deliverables listed in this scope of work and other materials relevant to EE&TF team activities, as well as all related tasks and activities.

  • SADC region nationals only
  • Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in trade facilitation, customs modernization, and enabling environment strategies and technical assistance
  • Graduate degree in a relevant discipline such as business, economics, or law preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of technical enabling environment and trade facilitation issues, especially in the areas of value chain logistics, legal and regulatory review, customs, coordinated border management and transport.
  • Demonstrated leadership, decision-making, teambuilding, and management skills
  • Private sector and project management experience, including in delivering presentations or training, preferred
  • Familiarity working with monitoring and evaluation data collection and systems preferred, but not essential
  • Previous experience in the Southern Africa region is preferred
  • Excellent written and spoken communications skills. Fluency in English. Strong analytical and communication capabilities.