With deep knowledge of labor economics and its bearing on employment law and regulatory issues, Nathan’s experts apply economic and statistical methods to fit the unique circumstances of each case across a wide range of employment matters.

Using a proactive, disciplined approach, our proven team develops sophisticated statistical and econometric models; manages and analyzes large-scale and complex HR, payroll, and transaction databases; and evaluates, develops, and implements sampling procedures and surveys. Clients trust Nathan to conduct class certification, liability, and damage analyses in class-action or collective-action matters, as well as perform liability and damages analyses in single- and multiple-plaintiff employment claims.


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Our employment experts analyze liability and damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state and federal fair labor standards laws related to areas that include unpaid overtime, off-the-clock-work, missed meal and rest periods, lost vacation days, employee misclassification, unreimbursed job expenses, and unpaid donning and doffing time. In addition, our experts evaluate, develop, and implement sampling procedures and surveys when it is not feasible to collect the relevant data and information for the prospective class population.

Wage & Hour Claims

In discrimination class actions, our experts assist with class certification assessment, disparate impact statistical analysis on liability, and economic damages calculations. We assess claims of discrimination in recruitment, hiring, job placement, compensation, promotion, segregation, and termination under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and other federal and state employee protection laws and regulations.

Discrimination Class Actions

Our experts can assist with claim management including complete claims administration, database design and implementation, quantitative reporting functions, and development of complete strategic claim management frameworks.

Claims Administration

Our experts and consultants have experience analyzing the implications of the highly individualized market structure of the NFL in particular and sports leagues in general. We bring our extensive experience in data analysis and in-depth research, analysis, and advanced quantitative modeling to bear on analysis of many aspects of the business of sports leagues, from labor negotiations and analysis of salary cap implications to personnel decisions regarding both players and staff.

Sports Economics

Our employment practice consulting work includes pay equity studies, development of relevant internal and external labor pools, applicant flow analyses, and human capital and wage determinations. We assist companies with employment decision-making so that employees with legally protected characteristics are not adversely impacted.

Employment Practice Consulting

Our experts conduct job search analysis and calculate economic damages in wrongful termination and breach of employment contract claims. Economic damages may involve various components of compensation, including front and back pay, benefits, and employee stock options.

Single- and Multiple-Plaintiff Employment Claims