A current Nathan team member assisted a super major in a contractor assessment for its Drilling & Completions (D&C) business function. The client was facing limited and inconsistent visibility into the number of contract workers it was utilizing, and was unable to provide assurance of basic competency and safety compliance across the globe, resulting in potentially avoidable accidents.

The client’s goals for the assessment were to establish a global D&C process for sourcing, screening, onboarding, data management, and retaining knowledgeable, competent, and qualified contractors involved in the design, planning, operational support, and/or execution of D&C operations.

The project team led a data cleansing effort to overcome the shortfalls of existing information, identified key objectives of the reporting function, and created an automated reporting tool to meet those needs. The team also authored and aligned a global standard, which defined how the client would procure contract workers within the D&C function.

Nathan’s work resulted in:

  • the development of a reporting tool to increase reporting frequency and capability while dramatically reducing the number of person-hours devoted to report creation;
  • significant improvements to data integrity, allowing for smart business decisions based on trusted data;
  • automation resulting in 112 hours saved each year while tripling reporting frequency for an estimated savings of $5,600 per quarter; and
  • the addition of a retention metric which allowed for redeployment of approximately six contractors in the first reporting period, eliminating costs of recruiting for an estimated savings of over $100k.



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